Sevrickk's Dossier

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Sevrickk's Dossier

Post by Sevrickk on Sat Aug 17, 2013 5:30 pm

Name: Sevrickk <Last name unavailable>


Race: Human

Home world: Dromund Kaas



Born on the Imperial Capital world Dromund Kaas, Sevrickk was part of a very poor family. Until the age of six, when he was sold into slavery by his family. He was a slave to an Imperial military officer until the age of fifteen when he caught trying to escape from his owner. The Officer saw Sevrickk's skills for getting in and out of places he shouldn't and sent him to train to become an Imperial Agent. Six years after completing his training, he was selected for an off the books deep cover OP in Republic space. While entering Atmosphere on Ord Mantell. his team's Freighter was hit and crashed. Upon waking up from the crash he learned his entire team had been killed. After leaving the planet his orders changed, he was to enlist in the Republic military and send back Intel from Op's and training programs. After getting into an altercation with an Officer, Sevrickk stole Intel on a OP and killed a squad-mate. He sent fragments of the Intel back to Imp-tel just before his capture. During his captured he lost both of his arms, which were replaced by Cybernetics. As punishment for his crimes he went through re-education to break his training. Sevrickk is currently Serving the Republic Military In Theta company attempting to atone for his crimes on a personal level.


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