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Operation: Check Out Empty Operation: Check Out

Post by blingdenston on Wed Aug 21, 2013 5:33 am

Operation: Check-Out

Team Leader: Flight Officer Pehn Qardaak

Strike Team: Cpl. Kenlor Taydean

Debriefing: Continued conflict on Corellia has led the Empire to ever more desperate and lethal gambits. Taking over the Daoba Hotel in Coronet City, Imperial forces used the imprisoned hotel guests as human shields against Republic bombardment while launching attacks on Axial Park from the premises.

The Mission: Flight Officer Qardaak and Master Taydean boldly infiltrated the Hotel from the fortified front entrance. The Jedi served as bait, provoking attacks by the Imperial defenders while Flight Officer Qardaak used a stealth field generator to ambush them from behind. In tandem, the two operatives eliminated the Imperials and released the imprisoned citizens. A final melee against Imperial Guard Commander Rigby ended in his death and the escape of the final Republic prisoner, and the strike team exfiltrated the way they came. An ambush by Imperial stragglers near the entrance nearly trapped Taydean and Qardaak inside the building during the shelling, but a swiftly beat retreat left only Imperial casualties amongst the flaming ruins of the Daoba Hotel.

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