Operation: Esseles Rescue

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Operation: Esseles Rescue Empty Operation: Esseles Rescue

Post by Herofan on Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:36 pm

Operation: Esseles Rescue

Team Leader: SGT Kenlor Taydean

Team Members: Recruit Kinttet Khorr, Recruit Ferracle

Debriefing: SGT Kenlor Taydean received word of an Imperial ship secretly following the Esseles. Kenlor went and called out to Goliath Squad. The squad's medic (Kinttet Khorr) answered the call, as well as an unassigned recruit (Ferracle). Working as well oiled machine. This team successfully repelled the imperial boarding party on the Esseles. they then went and rescued the bridge crew from Bounty Hunters.

The team then went and sabotaged the Imperial ship. This led to facing two large Imperial droids and a Sith Lord. The team successfully completed the objective and returned to the Esseles.

At the end of the Operation, it was determined that both recruits proved that they were good soldiers. They were both promoted to the rank of Private.

Operation Status: Success
Casualties: None
Injuries: None (Just some scratched armor)

Sergeant Kenlor Taydean Reporting

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