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Post by Two-Delta on Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:57 pm

Republic Military Holonet Channel
Vacancy Posting: Quartermaster
Unit: Tempest Platoon, Theta Company
Rank: Lieutenant

Responsibilities: Maintaining the supplies and coordinating logistics for the Republic Special Forces unit Theta Company. Individual will monitor current supplies, submit orders for necessary items, and conduct research and development of equipment to maximize the combat effectiveness of the ground forces of Theta Company. Quartermaster will monitor the crafting skills of any members of Theta Company and will provide them with materials and schematics from the inventory of the unit. They may also recruit individuals that are promising at crafting these objects to put their skills to more active use as members of company supply under the direction of the quartermaster.

Requirements: Desired applicants must be skilled in the research and development of weapons or armor that meet military-grade specifications. As an officer, they must also be dedicated to providing support and direction to their subordinates in order to maximize the efficiency of the logistics of Theta Company and increase the combat effectiveness of the unit as a whole.

Application procedure: Individuals from within Theta Company or from outside the unit may apply for this position. Applicants should submit there applications and records verifying their credentials to Commander Two-Delta via this holonet site or the Republic holomail system.

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