Operation Dire Elixir Debrief

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Operation Dire Elixir Debrief Empty Operation Dire Elixir Debrief

Post by dragono193 on Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:39 am

Operation Dire Elixir (Hammer report)
Team Leader: Cmdr. Two-delta (Ground ops carried out by Cpt. Turiel and Lt. Montaran)
Team members:
--Pvt. Sa'tiine Vizsla
--Pvt. Clifton Laxjax
--Pvt. Ryim Azulos

Operation report: After primary and secondary debrief, Phoenix Squad touched down on Taris and rendezvous'd with the Saber Squad division led by Captain Turiel. After the go-ahead from Command, Phoenix cleared the path to the ruins of Dynamet General Hospital and secured a perimeter, allowing Saber to search the building. After a few minutes, Pvt. Vizsla started suffering severe choking attacks and was incapacitated. Pvt. Azulos began to administer field medic treatment. Shortly after, a large mass of rakghouls were seen moving in coordinated fashion from the East. After several salvos from the Aegis's laser cannons, the creatures were dispersed and we continued with our objective. Phoenix acted as a reinforcing force for Cpt. Turiel's squad, and also traveled from the zone of assault to rescue some wayward insubordinates. After help from Cpt. Mirex, Pvt. Vizsla was medivac'd back to the Aegis, where she was administered medical treatment. Ryim suspects that it was a Force-based attack, but that she will recover.

Due to his bravery under fire, as well as his meritorious commitment to duty, I have nominated Pvt. Azulos to be commended by the Republic Armed Forces.

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