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Post by Korva Ahkoba Calmwater on Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:31 pm

Korva born on Alpheridies

One father, no mother, one brother and one sister Genon and Sorba.

Religion :There was just the miraluka connection to the force, unlike most of their counter parts.

When Korva Ahkoba was little his mother passed on to become one with the force at childbirth due to the birth of triplets.

She was lovely, her aura always radiated love and understanding.

Their father Tharga, was very talented within the force, never became a Jedi due to his family and children he knew of the sacrifices that would have to be made, but as for his children he sensed a great battle ensuing within the force and now he must make his children ready for what is to come to pass.

Always inventing new trials and tests for them and pushing their limits within the force. Not one of the three would fold, all of them powerful and eager to impress their father.

Korva being the “Runt” of the three siblings, he had to fight the hardest out of the three consistently to his older sister and brother. What he thought was his dis-ability became his greatest ally!

Years later…

Often at night when all is silent and nothing but waves below the cliff could be heard, they would stand in a triangle with their hands lightly touching each other, beginning to slowly walk clockwise awaiting their father Tharga to initiate the match..

"Feel peace, do not anticipate your next move flow like water.."

the tension was rising but each of them kept their heart rate down not wanting to expose a weakness or who would make the first move to the other sibiling...

Tharga then hit the side of the tree with his staff and instantaneously they moved like wind accenting one other. Through their father’s eyes they were pure golden energy swiftly spinning and striking along the cliff top of their home.

Genon and Sorba looked at eachother for a second in agreement to take down Korva together then focus on their own fight. Korva was suddenly aware of the attack, saw legs coming towards him in a flurry, Sorba flying in first with a round house and Genon second. With an open palm he struck his sister Sorba’s leg upward above his head and grabbed Genons leg whilst sliding under Sorbas inner thigh Korva spun clockwise with his left leg and went through his sisters right leg right behind Gennons left leaving them on the ground, but not for long.
After they had kipped’ upward they attempted again but Korva, was prepared. Looking as if he was digging his fingers into the air at his stomach he growled with fierce conviction and pulled the ground underneath himself upward 4 feet and flipped over it. the two ran up the foundation scaling it and continued their pursuit for the little rabbit! Then fed up with the chase, Sorba halts her pursuit smirks and gives her little brother a taste of his own medicine. She raises the ground infront of korva to block his stride.
Gasping in surprise, Korva, smacks right into the hard rock. Blood streams down his nose. with little time for hesitation, he breathes in, palms his right fist then stands in a horse stance as if about to pull a weapon from its sheath, Then lunges forward with his elbow and carves the stone in two! All in a fluid motion he bends backwards, force lifting, he sends the jagged slab behind him. Sorba, Jumps and with one hand Randolph’s over the attack. Genon wasn't that lucky; not seeing the attack soon enough, was hit by the slab and left unconscious.
Korva,no longer running, awaits his big sister. He stood next to what was left of the wall of rock. She came in relentlessly fast, hard and lethal, Korva’s advantage his quickness and hard strikes, he would work her legs with inside round house kicks in hopes to make his sister crumble down to his height, but it was easier said than done.
It was if she was made of stone...
Korva leaned forward, aiming to strike at her solar plexus, and right when Sorba saw the opening she brought her right Knee straight into Korva’s lower jaw, sending him into the air. landing against the cold cool ground,
With that Tharga struck the tree calling an end to the session. “Sorba, get Korva up then Help your brother Genon up , hurry you two..”
Sorba picks up her little brother then runs her hands through his hair “Well done today, little one!”
Years later…
A ship came for the three and they had to leave their home to go to the Jedi academy.
The three were separated by the council and unto their selected masters.
Korva’s master a cathar roamed the world and explored the force and had many adventures.
He finally struck out on his own, when his master passed on to be one the force.
Now Korva searches for his place within the force and his life strives to make a difference where there‘s a difference to be made, he is know in a partnership with the Theta Company to reach his goals.

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