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Post by Two-Delta on Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:29 pm

Hey everyone,

It was brought to my attention that Arcvantius was previously a member of the Lords of Shadow (Imp side guild) and that he was removed for harassing female players with unwanted advances and in-character actions. I was not aware of who he was when he was recruited, but some of the other members pointed it out based on his legacy surname. I informed him that due to his prior behavior and some concerns that had already been raised by several female players in Theta Company over similar behavior that I would not tolerate this type of behavior and therefore needed to remove him from the guild. His characters have all been removed from our guild.

As for relationships in Theta Company, I am completely fine with them as long as they are mutual. Any attempt to force a relationship or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Report any such incidents to me and if you feel comfortable confronting the individual yourself or would like me to confront them, let me know. I want us all to be able to develop and explore our characters in a safe and welcoming environment in Theta Company, so let me know if anything happens to change that for you.

Now, Two-Delta on the other hand may question whether your relationships impact our combat readiness, but you can deal with him IC on that issue.

Thanks everyone,

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