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Post by Kovik on Thu Apr 18, 2013 3:24 am

Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 5'9'' - 6'1''
Weight: 147lbs.
Homeworld: Balmorra
Kovik is described to be a calculating and reserved person at a firsthand encounter, but over time he talks and jokes more and more. He knows his rank and will do his part to show utmost respect to those who earned it. In combat, he is a sharp thinker with a leveled head on his shoulders. In situations with a lot of pressure, it is sometimes hard for him to not lose his cool. Kovik will at times go out of his way, even insubordination, to help. His mind is fresh, so he is open to new ideas and is often very curious of the worlds.

Domestic Background:
Kovik was the youngest son of three to Malik and Eir Sóleks. His two older brothers, Eorlend and Ralveir, were his role models for most of his life. Conflict struck the family in regards to strong beliefs that resurfaced. Malik was very anti-Republic, believing that they were abandoned and forgotten. Eir, still believed in The Republic and refused the suggestion of enlisting their kids into the Imperial Army. Ralveir was the same with his father, he did not believe in the Republic. But Kovik and Eorlend did and they stayed with their mother while Malik and Ralveir left. Since then, no word was heard.

Eorlend eagerly took up the responsibility of enlisting for The Republic as soon as he turned 18. Kovik's mother taught him at home, not really having access to an academy. However, Kovik didn't want to fall behind from Eorlend, so he sought out ex-fighters and veterans to train him. Finding one was difficult, not to mention getting one to actually agree. But he worked closely with his mentor, hiding it from his mother and balancing combat teachings out with his studies. Eventually, Kovik enlisted immediately at the age of 18. His brother was now Lieutenant Eorlend Soleks of Vulcan Company, while rumors of Ralveir being a warrior for the Empire place him on edge.
Military Background:
Ord Mantell_
_Partook in "Operation Condor", the eradication of local Separatist settlements and stabilize the trade from the town to the forts. [Accomplished]
_Involved in scouting parties and escort of supplies to Fort Garnik.
_Recommended to Theta Company. [Acknowledged]
_Squad Undetermined

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