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Post by Rish'era on Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:59 am

Serial Number: 11774030-Q
Homeworld: Ryloth
Species: Twi'lek
Sex: Female
Height: 1.73 m.
Weight: 60.3 kg.
Age: 23
Blood Type: A Positive
Primary Specialization: Combat Medic
Secondary Specialization: Demolitions

Enlistment Information: Enlisted at the age of 18. Served for 3 years on Tatooine before receiving training as a combat medic. Served next 2 years moving from location to location, aiding in various operations around the galaxy.

Personality: Rish is a medic first, a soldier second, and a republic citizen third. She has been known to rough up her patients, once often simply knocking them out before treating them, and when asked about her un-doctorly treatment of her patients, she simply states "If they can't take a little roughing up, they shouldn't be in the military." It has often been noted that, while she looks like a medic, she acts like a drill sergeant. However, despite her complete lack of bedside manners, she cares incredibly about her patients, and would risk her life for any one of them.


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