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Iandil Crusadier

Post by Crusadier on Thu May 02, 2013 1:19 am

Name: Iandil (aliases; Ortadias, Cruizer, Jackriz, Hearthrack)
Age: 24
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 1.7 meters
Weight: 179 pnds
Appearence Iandil has a well accented haircut, taken up after his training on Kashyyk. He often has his red eye piece on the left side of his head, connecting to his implants and feeding him plenty of information passively during combat and out of combat. He has a scar on his cheek that he earned during training. He didn't and doesn't mind it. His chin is relatively normal for a human, and his muscles are well worked enough so that he can run a kilometer or two. All in all, a well balanced human being that can hold his own as a squad member.
Theme: Evening Star -- Octavia
Homeworld: His homeworld is Coruscant, easily visited in his ventures and, not having family aside from his clan, he is incredibly flexible during his duties. Growing up on Coruscant made him have a hate for politicians and the Empire, often going into warzones to hit them hard and fast because of their attack on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.
Training: Iandil was, at first, very cautious when he was first 'recruited' into Theta Company. Using a standard alias and false identity, he wasn't very trained or honed to respect anyone unless they earned it. He realized that he wouldn't be good for the company as it is, using a simple blaster pistol and dirty tactics. As a result, he enlisted with the Republic Training Service on Kashyyk, learning how to survive among the trees and being taught how to survive on other worlds. He was one of the best of his class, and still is. The recruits there welcomed him as their brother, and Iandil taught them fair tricks and generally had one of the best times of his life. He was taught in tactics and non-conventional tactics. He was forced to walk over seventeen miles a day to keep up his muscles and be acceptable for Theta Company and beyond. The recruiting process was very select and harsh, but it was very worth it in the end. To this day, Iandil stays true to his training and to his friends. He is a valued ally.

Born on Coruscant and witnessing the Empire's atrocity to the Jedi Temple, he was a very angry child. His parent's often didn't know how to control him, his periodic bursts of anger all too often destroying some amount of the families items. A few years after that, his periodic burst of anger were easily controlled unless someone made such a jab or hit him in the wrong way. Raised on Coruscant in a private school until his parents were killed by Justicars, he had been mentally injured. His formal last name was forfeited personally when he tried to enlist for Special Forces and was unfortunately denied. He shortly after was recruited by a respectful clan that had been formed when somebody said 'Enough' to the atrocities of the universe. The Crusadier Clan was formed and many members from all walks of life, even if different, had a single objective; to try to bring out the good or fight the evil. It may have seemed stupid as first, but later on, it formed enough together to become a respectful part of the galaxy, not to be trifled with by anybody.

Iandil resorted to smuggling and using multiple aliases, preferring to use his unique and dirty talents to serve the galaxy as a whole. When the conflict started between the Republic and the Empire, he naturally aided the Republic because he believes that they strive for freedom. And because the Empire represents 'evil' in his opinion, he chose the Republic. Iandil often helped them with smuggling routes and beyond, until he was successfully recruited into Theta Company. Finding his place and way of life there, and surprisingly keen and respectful to the very man that recruited him, he pulled out of Theta Company for a few weeks to be on Kashyyk. Kashyyk was a very enlightening experience for him in regards of training, and honor. He managed to secure new gear for the Republic Training Service on Kashyyk and they were grateful for it. Iandil made stories of how difficult he was for the trainers at Kashyyk, but still made it out in one piece, and at the top of the class no less. The intellectual lessons he solved easily, as well as the physical. To this day, he serves Theta Company willingly with his head held high and blaster rifle ahead.

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