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Post by Lusanna on Wed May 08, 2013 1:48 am

Name: Lusanna Rennar
Sex: Female
Species: Echani
Home World: Eshan
Height: 167cm
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Silver
Distinguishing marks: Cross Scars on right side of face
*note* The Echani physically mature several years faster than humans

Lusanna was born on the planet of Eshan, the homeworld of the humanoid race called Echani. When she was of age 5 by tradition she was brought into the world of Echani martial skills and prepared to become a warrior of her people.
by age 8 she had fought in her first battle against the Mandalorians.
Lusanna received Eleite warrior training of her people after proving her prowess in battle, her training is that of the Echani Fire Dancer. Their acrobatic movements look like a fast paced dance while holding a weapon known as the Fire Brand, the Fire brand is a staff with White hot ends that inflict deep searing wounds to enemy flesh and can peirce all but the most hardened armour.
Lusanna lost her entire family to a Mandalorian raid when she was 13.
Jedi Master Crix Sunburris noticed that the force was strong in her during a trip to Eshan while seeking a solution to the Mandalorian problem, after some time of convincing the Echani Matriarchs to allow Lusanna to have training as a Jedi she was taken to Dantooine to trained as a jedi. Although she was much older than the usual Initiate she was taken by a Master Sabla Mandibu as her Padawan, Master Mandibu trained Lusanna in the force and noticed Lusanna's natural abilities in combat and had Lusanna trained by members of the Matukai * a sect of jedi who use the force to increase their physical strength during combat* as well as encouraging her to practice the Echani Martial skills as well as the Fire Dancers skills.
Lusanna would go to Tython where she passed her trials and would become a Jedi Consular and then later a Shadow.

Personality: Being raised in a warrior society Lusanna naturally follows orders and is a hardened veteran of many battles Primarily against the Mandolorians. ( it is advised that she be kept away from anyone with Mandalorian heritage) she is often training in the traditional Echani style which is usually naked or in minimum clothing, and often in hand to hand combat.
because of her warrior upbringing and willingness to do whatever it takes to complete the mission she is often at odds with fellow Jedi and Jedi Masters on moral issues reguarding the taking of prisioners ( or rather lack of in Lusanna's case)


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