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Post by Tfarrol on Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:07 pm

Name: T'farrol al'Maerin
Known Aliases: T, Doc
Age: 38
Race: Human (Modified)
Gender: Male
Height: 1.9 meter
Weight: 102 Kilo

Appearance: Due to past injuries (Explanation to follow) T'farrol's face is largely cybernetic. Pieces not covered by implants are heavily scarred.

World of Origin: Born in an asteroid mining camp, Outer Rim (Exact Location Unavailable)

Training: T'farrol was trained in Droid mechanics as a teenager in the mines. Following the end of mining operations in his home system, T'farrol enlisted with the Republic. Republic special training included Field Medicine, Tactics, Search and Rescue, and Droid Maintenance.


Enlisted at 22, quickly promoted to Sergeant. Medical discharge at 28 due to injuries sustained in line of duty.

T'farrol was in a squad vehicle hit by separatist heavy weapons. A large section of molten material was blown into his face and reconstruction took nearly 9 months. T'farrol is heavily dependent on cybernetics for every day functions. Advanced software enables precision targeting and combat logging. Accuracy percentages, kill ratios and combat efficiency are among the things logged.

After several years of intensive training and multiple surgeries, T'farrol is again eligible for front line duty.


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