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Post by Laxjax on Fri Jun 07, 2013 3:30 pm

To Capt. Esk'aross Montaran,

The other day while on Tython, Privates Aryuka, Aushocha, and myself met 3 jedi and 1 trooper, all of whom were interesting in enlisting, and all of whom are now current Theta Company members. Private Luckydog, the trooper, and Private Voreen, one of the jedi, expressed interest in fighting on the frontlines. For this reason, I beleive Hammer would be a good fit for the two of them. The other two jedi, Erakiel and Shalaylan, were unsure of where they would like to fight, and as such I believe further discussion concerning their placement is necessary.

Segeant Clifton Laxjax


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