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Arganot Galitho

Post by Arganot on Sun Jun 09, 2013 3:50 pm

Name: Arganot Galitho
Age: 36
Race: Human
Homeworld: Alderaan

Service Record<Decryption code required!!!>
-----[*********]----- <Access granted>

Service Record File Galitho, Arganot accessed

Served first as a drafted recruit into Alderaan Militia under planetary defense protocol 658-2245
OPS history: Served in Operation STANDING SHIELD- Worked in cohesion with air and other ground forces to hold planetary capital Aldera. Served in various small quick assault missions across the planet.
Republic Military Command on Alderaan upon the successful defense of the planet offered him a position in the military.

Republic Military Service Record:
Operation DEEP: Served with a full platoon of troopers in the retaking of a surrendered military compound on Tatooine from Cartel forces. <Service note> It is noted that during this op there was a village where the Cartel lived out int he dunes with their families this village was believed to be just a military outpost disobeying orders Arganot took what men would follow and completed the op with 100% success. Civilian life lost was estimated at upper 90's <Service note: Stricken from record>

Operation FLYING HAMMER: Strike team dropped from planetary orbit into Imperial fortress on Quesh, Arganot was directly responsible for that team coming out alive, with just 50 troopers the fort and bunker were secured, prisoner count: 3 2 Death toll: 129 130. <Service note> Prisoner and Death count off by one, to emphasize a point Arganot shot a interogatee in the face to obtain vital transport movements. <Service note end>

Operation EMERGENT RESPONSE: Operation Emergent Response was an emergency protocol activated when Coruscant came under attack. Unfortunately this op was a failure from the start, no one was prepared for the sleight of hand attack the Sith had executed. <Service Note:> Arganot had to be placed in Stockade for attempted mutiny to commandeer attack vessels with several hundred other troopers for an unauthorized assault during treaty speaks. <Service Note end>

Disciplinary actions: Because of various unorthodox methods used he was barred from standard promotion protocols and removed from standard Republic Squads.
<Service Note: IMPORTANT: Off record speaking, he was then requested to move into Black Ops squads <Service Note End>

Operation BACKSTAB: Placed into Black Ops squad 119 Code named: 'Orock' and sent to Voss to destabilize Imperial connections on planet, Op notes Aragnot found and disguised as an Imperial soldier destroyed two small Voss compounds.Op Success

Operation KILLSWITCH: In order to secure safety of vital Republic intel Orock squad was called to destroy Imperial Disguised prison ships, ships were believed to have been used as a ruse for Imperials to garner intel from Republic Commando's they would try to capture. A small attempt was made to board and rescue Republic Commando's, Arganot was directly responsible for the rescue of one Commando, as well as self destructing the Prison ship, killing anyone left on board along with the Imperials.

Orock squad was disbanded after this op, their reputation becoming to widely spread, all squad members were sent to different planets to assimilate and await new orders for new squad assignment.

Official Record Statement: Arganot's record was brought back to active status with a request from a new Company formed under Two-Delta. Upon request Arganot is fully re-instated into Republic Military and transfered into Theta Company-Saber Platoon-Squad: Undetermined


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