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Post by dragono193 on Fri Mar 29, 2013 11:01 pm

Serial Number: 18246019-C
Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa
Species: Chiss
Sex: Male
Height: 1.79 m
Weight: 77.4 kg
Age: 24
Blood Type: AB Positive
Primary Specialization: Demolitions
Secondary Specialization: Assault

Enlistment information: Enlisted, age 18. Served on Aleen Minor under Captain Pelardin for one year before receiving specialized commando training. After several successful operations, was given a field promotion to Lance Corporal. After an incredibly noteworthy performance during a search-and-rescue operation, was nominated for Havoc Squad and transferred to Ord Mantell.

Operational history:
Aleen Minor:
Operation Star Blade: Pirate forces engaged. Enemy communications relay disabled.
Operation Brutal Hydra: Pirate munitions dump destroyed. Private Cherin Jenis KIA.
Operation Sidewinder: Provided infantry support for Walker Group 63, secured Republic supply lines.
Operation Falling Palace: Pirate base assaulted. Sergeant Jorn Alexo KIA. Republic supply lines severed in lightning assault. Private Montaran promoted to Lance Corporal for bravery and decisiveness under fire.
Operation Durasteel Saber: Re-established Republic supply lines.
Operation Starfire: Provided ground support for Tion Aces starfighter wing. Corporal Tax Alexo, Private First Class Sunfeld Westin KIA.
Operation Lost Angels: Led Second squad in infiltration behind enemy lines to retrieve Flight Officer Pak Doran. Encountered heavy resistance. Pirate motor pool destroyed as collateral.
Promoted to Sergeant and recommended for Havoc Squad.

Ord Mantell:
Operation Mountain Cracker: Disrupted Separatist operations and destroyed Separatist leadership.
Referred to Theta Company, applied to Hammer Squad.

Personality traits: Observed as keeping a cool head under fire and professional when dealing with civilians. However, often makes snap decisions when under severe pressure. Connects well with with fellow squad members, except when confronted about his species and his parents. Enjoys Corellian whiskey.

Disciplinary history: for bar fight with Pvt. Cherin Jenis. Reported that Jenis "made racial slurs" against him. Given one week's kitchen duty. insubordinate behavior directed at Lt. Degalstin. Claimed that bad intel led to an underprepared squad, resulting in the death of Pvt. Cherin Jenis. Given three days in the stockade. for fight in barracks with Cpl. Fenix Rehyn. Claimed that Rehyn "made racial slurs" and accused him of treason and Imperial collaboration. Rehyn incapacitated for eleven days with several lacerations and broken ribs. Given one week's kitchen duty (note: discipline carried out directly by Captain Pelardin) for "improper use of military equipment." A group comprised of LCpl Montaran, PFC Westin, and Pvt. Sulevin "commandeered" a Talon-class heavy bomber, then proceeded to bomb entrenched Pirate locations with hand-drawn propaganda leaflets. Each given eight day's kitchen duty and three nights' extra guard patrol duty. for fight in barracks with LCpl Sulevin. Claimed that Sulevin blamed him for the death of PFC Westin and "made racial slurs." Sulevin incapacitated for five days with broken arm, hairline skull fractures, concussion (possible brain damage), requires kolto treatment. Given one week in the stockade. Given one week's kitchen duty.


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Post by dragono193 on Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:23 am

Psychological profile: Esk'aross Montaran

Report: From my conversations with Captain Esk'aross Montaran, it's difficult for me to accurately diagnose him, as much of his personality seems to contradict itself. For instance, he can be a stickler for protocol, which suggests elements of an Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, but he's rarely one to volunteer for said protocol. For example: Even though a psychological screening for all personnel was encouraged by Commander Two-Delta, Cpt. Montaran did not come forward for an examination until I had been with the Company for at least two weeks. Whether this is a veiled superiority complex or just disrespect for authority, I'm not entirely sure. While either of those is normally worth noting, Cpt. Montaran's exemplary service record leads me to believe that it does not affect him in the line of duty.
Then there's the matter of his species. Even though he was not born in Chiss space, he's intensely proud of his heritage. I reference three disciplinary reports filed when he was still an enlisted man that all involve "racial slurs." While I personally believe any sort of racial profiling is unacceptable, the injury reports of the parties involved lead me to believe that Cpt. Montaran may have a thinly veiled anger problem. If I had more complete records of his childhood on Nar Shaddaa, as well as some confirmation that his father was indeed legendary Mandalorian bounty hunter Esk'essoss Montaran, I might have more to conclude, rather than speculate. However, from what I've seen, Cpt. Montaran definitely has anger problems, which may come against him in combat, or in disciplinary action.

--Counselor M. Sirtis

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