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Operation Nicked Ride Empty Operation Nicked Ride

Post by Two-Delta on Sun Jun 30, 2013 10:23 am

Operation: Nicked Ride
Report Filed by: Commander Two-Delta
Team Leaders: Phoenix Squad-Sergeant Laxjax
Goliath Squad-Sergeant Gabriel Thorne
Saber Platoon-Private Dervetus
Mission Objectives: Eliminate Imperial scout team on Taris and commandeer Imperial shuttle.

Debriefing: Information extracted from the data obtained during Operation Thwarted Insertion led to the discovery that Lord Reavus dispatched an Imperial Long-range Surveillance Team to Taris as a scout force for future operations. Theta Company moved to intercept this team and commandeer the shuttle for use in future operations against Lord Reavus and Imperial forces.

Upon arriving on planet, Phoenix and Goliath Squad (with members of Saber Platoon) moved to the ruins of Transport Station 5 to eliminate the Imperial forces. Prior to arrival, one of the teams in Phoenix Squad broke off and attacked Subject Alpha, straying from the mission parameters. This deviation from orders will be dealt with separately from this report.

After finding the location of the entrance to Transport Station 5, Phoenix Squad proceeded to clear the tram system with Goliath Squad and the members of Saber Platoon directly in tow. They encountered heavy resistance from rakghouls that had inhabited the tunnels, but ultimately reached the clearing with no incident.

In a clearing they found the shuttle, quickly dispatching the Imperial Long-Range Surveillance team in a coordinated attack to ensure they were unable to report to command. This will, in theory, convince Lord Reavus and Imperial Command that the team was eliminated by rakghouls instead of Republic forces. Members of Saber Platoon and Goliath Squad secured the shuttle, returning it to the hangar of the Aegis successfully.

Post-script: During the operation, Sergeant Vizsla started acting out of character. When confronted by Captain Montaran, she assaulted him using the Force. Commander Two-Delta used his weapon to stun her and had her taken to the medbay and sedated. However, during the debriefing on the bridge, Sergeant Sa'tiine returned and assaulted the assembled members of Theta Company. Eventually she was subdued and taken back to the medbay. Private Lusanna and Corporal Sadierae, along with Recruit Exemplum, assessed her status and concluded that she was being influenced by the Sith Lord Reavus. Unable to comprehend this affliction, Commander Two-Delta ordered that she be sedated until she was in full control of herself and no longer a threat to the Aegis or its crew. The Jedi sergeant became hysterical and retreated towards a secondary hangar. There it was agreed upon that a team would take Sergeant Vizsla to Tython for treatment by the Jedi Order. This was agreeable since conventional medical treatment is not possible and it removed the threat from the Aegis. Sergeant Vizsla will be removed from the active roster until she is cleared for duty by the Jedi Order and Republic High Command.

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