Lethri Driiquar, Daughter of Vilinde

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Lethri Driiquar, Daughter of Vilinde Empty Lethri Driiquar, Daughter of Vilinde

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((I've added this bio of Lethri so A, I don't lose it if something happens to the website it's been posted on, B, you can get a look into the Driiquar family!))

Recent Update::: Warning, this report is out of date, much requires confirmation now...

Name: Lethri Driiquar

Age: 22

Species: Echani

Appearance: Powerfully built, most of her life having been spent in combat training, with nearly white, pale skin. Her eyes are a steely grey and her hair seems to match the whitest snow of Hoth (Over-exaggeration, it's still pretty darn white >.>)

Class/Specialization: Agent/Operative

Rank: Grand Moff

Direct Superior(s): Tyria Darkwraith; Inquisition's Dark Council

Current Assignment: Varies, currently building up the military arm of the Inquisition and reorganizing it.

Last Sighting: Various battlefields on either the front lines themselves, or sneaking past enemy lines (Confirmed), various locales throughout the galaxy, reasons unknown (Suspected).

Notable Weapons/Powers: Most of Lethri's weapons are personally created and hand-crafted by the Echani Moff herself. These include various Vibroknives, an electrostaff used in duels (RP, can't actually equip in game.), a custom-designed semi-auto pistol, as well as her heavily modified rifle (Specs unknown.) Lethri has also been seen with a bandoleer around her chest (Shoulder to hip) containing various grenades for various purposes, bandoleer itself modified so that Lethri can remove it easily and trigger every grenade at once before tossing the entire thing. Lethri has no true special combat powers, but she has grown up in her Echani culture, her combat skills rely on movement and dexterity, quick hard strikes, and keeping out of reach of her enemies, has often been seen performing highly acrobatic attacks difficult to use without the power of the Force. Her Echani training has been compounded upon by her years in Imperial Intelligence.

History in a Nutshell: Lethri grew up in a large convoy of Echani piloted ships, imagine a number of gypsys traveling from planet to planet in Imperial space, and like most other youth was trained for combat at a very young age. To the Echani body-movements while fighting express the true personality of a person, and body language is easily picked up by the pale, white haired race. Lethri's own sisters, like all Echani children, looked almost exactly like her, with no real physical difference. The only way other Echani were able to tell them apart was by how the girls moved, and like their parents, and their parents before them, they were trained to recognize the slightest changes in stance, form, and movement.

In the middle of the pack of her pack of siblings, with two older sisters and both a younger brother and sister, Lethri grew close to them all, sharing secrets, stories, and anything that caught her fancy. The five were inseparable. And so when one of them wanted to join the Imperial Military, the rest of them readily agreed. From that point on however their lives started to change. Their advanced training in Echani martial arts put them many steps above the common soldier, these same techniques being used to train the elite Emperors Guard and Imperial Intelligence. After basic training all five of them were transferred to Imperial Intelligence and started to undergo rigorous training, and as might be expected, with one of them passing with shining colors, the others did as well. However, their closeness was viewed as a threat, what Intelligence agents are useful if they will do anything, even betray the Empire just to protect one another. In their last week of training they were given their final assignment. They were lead into a large factory building, filled with all sorts of weapons, food, and supplies for war, and then they were told that the last one alive would become an Intelligence agent, and if they refused, they would be handed over to the Sith for whatever dark purpose they decided to use them for.

By this point they were all hardened warriors, accidents do happen in the Empire and deaths cannot be avoided, and they all wanted to succeed. Unfortunately for Lethri's siblings, the 3rd child of their parents was already well on her way in mastering her ability to switch from personality to personality, acting only as her new personality would. Immediately once they began Lethri grabbed the nearest sharp object and proceeded to butcher her two older sisters. Horrified, the younger siblings stared at her as she coldly slaughtered her own blood, and then ran together, trying to escape this woman they thought they knew. Within the hour Lethri had corned the two in the factory, having grabbed a masterfully designed vibrosword as she searched, and found her remaining brother and sister. Both were armed by the little sister seemed unable to attack Lethri, horrified at what she had done and yet still caring for her as most Echani siblings do, and would have been struck down almost immediately if the brother Talari had not intercepted the killing blow.

The fight lasted only a few minutes, with Talari's face scarred and with a vicious cut on his abdomen. Leaving him for the few seconds required to kill her screaming sister, Lethri returned to him, her persona not believing in mercy and annoyed that this one had dared get in her way. She spent the next two hours torturing the man, enjoying his screams of agony, and 'punishing' him for his interference. Finally Imperial Intelligence stepped in and stopped her, but not before the Echani male was horribly scarred over much of his body, and his handsome face ruined. And yet, despite the fact he still lived, they allowed Lethri to leave, leaving the supposedly mortally wounded man to bleed and die. From that moment on Lethri, barely 20 years of age, was a full-fledged Imperial operative, and served without remorse and with absolute loyalty.

After that, her records are spotty, and few outside of High Imperial command can even piece together a faction of her operations and duties. The main fact known is that she served, and then eventually lead a group of Imperials and Sith in an organization named the 'Grey Death Legion.' Her current whereabouts are largely unknown.

Personality: Lethri believes in subtly and can be extremely patient for a plan or goal to follow through. Very few people know what goes through her head, and even less want to. Always scheming and planning, Lethri is likely to have multiple plots in action at a time, gathering power and influence for her own efforts. She has a strange ability however that lets her change her own personality at will, fitting it to the situation she is in. At one moment she may seem egotistical and self-assured, commanding her people will a calm assurance, and at another she may be pretending to be a poor beggar, gathering information in her disguises and with few the wiser for her subterfuge. It is hard to peg down Lethri's true emotions and feelings, and many believe that the woman herself has forgotten who she is after hiding from others for as long as she has.
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