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Post by Vailor on Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:31 am

Name: Myst’ali Vailor

Species: Mirialan

Home world: N/A

Age: 22

Height: 6’2

Weight: 215lbs

Gender: Female

Rank: Private

Physical Description:
Private Vailor stands at six feet two inches tall, with a muscular two hundred and fifteen pound build. Her hair is black and generally kept high and tight though with some non regulation “Rows” on the side of her head, occasionally a ponytail as well. She has five registered tattoos, three are cultural markings on her face. One signifying puberty and her trials. The next signifying her joining of the republic armed forces. And finally one on her forehead, signifying her joining of Theta and training in Commando tactics.

Her last two tattoos are: She has a cultural anklet around her left ankle, the design generally represents marriage or intention for marriage. And lastly on her back is a intricate, very human tattoo of a large cannon, with the words “One shot, six kills.” Below it.

Primary Goal: (Filled out by Vailor)
To be the baddest mother**** in the republic.

Secondary Goal: (Filled out by Vailor)
Own my own freight company after I retire.

Personal History:
Private Vailor was born in space in her parent’s freighter, which is also where she grew up. At younger ages she spent her time around the security personnel , often sharing time with them and considering herself “One of the guys.” With the rest of her free time she learned how to pilot a freighter as well as worked on her physique, bodybuilding.
Once she reached the age of nineteen she was to be wed to another future Mirialan freighter captain, though instead of following through with her vows she joined the republic armed forces and took up arms, to her parent’s disappointment.

Operational History:
Ord Mantell

Operation 24522.6 “Jackhammer III”: Support civilians retreat of the local village by assaulting the enemy compound.
Declined recruitment into Havoc Squad.
Recruited into Theta Company, squad yet to be determined.


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