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Post by Ki'mae on Mon Jul 08, 2013 10:49 pm

Name: Ki'mae Oya
Age: 20
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Weight: 165lbs
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Homeworld: unknown

Ki'mae does not remember much of her life before the age of 16. The earliest memory she has is of her being kidnapped and sent to Hutta. Discovering her force sensitivity on Hutta, she hid her ability for two years for fear of what would become of her. As a slave on Hutta, she secretly developed her force abilities hoping it would unlock some of her memories. She also started to learn combat skills from some of the thugs and criminals she encountered in her line of work. When she was 18 she was approached by her sister Tamiye, a Sith Lord, who planned to take her to Korriban to begin her training as a Sith. On that day, she fought her sister and wounded her enough to escape. Ki'mae left Hutta on a ship with a bounty hunter who agreed to help her find a way to Tython. When Ki'mae arrived at Tython she had a broken arm, severe burns on her body, and limited vision in her right eye. Although near death, she was determined to grow strong enough to defeat her sister. Gifted with strong combat abilities she advanced to become a Jedi Knight. Actively seeking knowledge of her past, it seems Ki'mae's journey is taking its first steps.

Ki'mae has recently learned of having another sister named Yoime. After confronting her former slave master, she discovered that Yoime had poisoned her in order to block out her memories and sold her. She knows little else about Yoime other than her allegiance to the Sith Empire.  

She occasionally experiences vivid dreams (or nightmares) of events in her past, but she's not sure if these dreams are just dreams or actually memories. She has been keeping a record of all her experiences since her arrival on Hutta hoping to help her memories come back.

Ki'mae is very loyal and obedient to those she considers allies. She's eager to learn everything and anything but sometimes her naivety and innocence gets her into trouble.


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Ki'mae Oya Empty Re: Ki'mae Oya

Post by Ki'mae on Tue Aug 06, 2013 4:24 am

Ki'mae Oya: Psychological Analysis Report #1

Miss Oya is a rather the interesting case. Part of me wants make her my assistant and another part of me wants to write a thesis on her. Although our meeting together was quite long and extensive, it was necessary. She’s shared her personal reports and her research notes with me about her condition and I must say… This woman is intriguing. However I won’t comment any further on my personal desires. I will make note that I requested that she send me her future personal reports for… future… analysis of her condition.

The most obvious thing present is Miss Oya’s memory loss. The condition itself hasn’t affected her combat abilities or her short term memory. However, she seems to suffer from severe bouts of anxiety. I would pay close attention to her because certain words, actions, or people may trigger something in her that could cause her to spaz. Even during our discussion it seemed difficult for her to keep herself from breaking down into tears… And she did kind of punch a hole in the wall, but I digress. I can’t imagine what she would have been like before becoming a Jedi... Anyway, I’ve cracked open every resource I could find trying to figure out what drug was used on her, but I’m afraid I’ve come up dry. I’ll keep researching and I hope to come across something for her sake.

Other than her anxiety attacks, Miss Oya’s nightmares also prove to be a problem. Once again not effecting her combat abilities but I do think the sleep deprivation may eventually get to her. As of now she appears to be fine. But once again, something I would watch for.
On a lighter topic. Miss Oya seems to be fitting in well and she seems to be quite happy. Her bubbly spirit is almost addictive! Just so long as she keeps the stress levels down I’m sure she’ll make a useful asset to the Company by simply putting a smile on everyone’s face.

Side note: She apparently is terrified of syringes, chemical, drugs, and anything ‘she feels would make her go psycho-crazy’ as she phrases it. She’ll accept kolto and bacta but anything else would most likely cause her to go into an anxiety attack.

I’ll attach my analysis on some of her reports. The excerpt below stood out to me though. She usually writes in a third person view, but this was the first time she strayed from the pattern.


*excerpt from Report #743*

“…I had a dream last night. Terrible, it was terrible. I woke up on the floor with blood on my face only to realize that I was subconsciously clawing the scab off of my scar in my sleep. At that point, I literally curled up in a ball and cried on the floor silently hoping not to wake anyone. It hurt so badly! The tears stung as they trickled out my damaged eye and burned as they slid down the path the scar made. I wanted to stop crying but I couldn’t. I just felt so alone, more alone than usual and it hurt even more knowing I couldn’t think of anything to make me feel better. I wanted so badly to think of someone warm like a mother or a father, but only visuals of that demon woman Tamiye appeared in my head. That woman can’t be my sister! Who would try to kill their own family member?!  My hands are shaking as I write this… I just know I can never tell anyone about this night, I mean how can I be a Jedi if I can’t even sleep through the night? Shit, how can I be a Jedi if I don’t even know who or what the hell I am! I would go meditate but even that seems to barely work. I should have just let that demonic woman kill me…”


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