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Post by Vilinde Driiquar on Tue Jul 09, 2013 4:10 pm

Here is a list of Spices in the known galaxy set immediately after the Sacking of Coruscant.


Collafa spice- Hallucenogen. Consumed orally.

Crash n’Burn- Recreational spice. Possibly a stimulant.

Gannarian narco-spice aka- Sniff- Expensive narcotic. Possibly similar to Cocaine.

Giggledust- harvested from certain flowers. Causes users to laugh and find humor in everything, euphoria, alertness. This spice is inhaled.

Glitterstim- The most expensive and strongest known at this time. It is a photoactive stimulant, pleasure enhancer and also gives a slight telepathic boost. Users frequently become addicted and may be called “cutters” or “Glit-biters”.

Gree- purple spice that gives a feeling of happiness and power. Legal in the Republic, Illegal in the Empire.

Grey Gabaki- Common tobacco for a light and relaxing smoke. Popular in cantinas.

Lumni-spice- Very rare. From a fungus found on Hoth. Probably closest to what the spice in Dune resembles. An awareness spectrum narcotic, users experience prescience, awareness, sensory ability and consciousness expansion. Most likely inhaled.

Muon gold- cheap narcotic used to increase mental clarity. Overuse degrades the neural paths.

Neutron Pixie- Potent hallucinogen. Users experience ecstasy, increased reaction time, awareness, perceived increases in endurance and strength and a resistance to pain. Withdrawal includes extreme torpor and joint pain. Liquid, ingested.

Nyriaan spice- induces strong sense of euphoria.

Tempest- A combination of glitterstim a virus from the Hutt world of Varl. Causes users to fly into berserker rage.

Yarrock- addictive and strong hallucinogen. Increases confidence and expands consciousness. Historically given to Iridonian warriors before combat. (Iridonians are Zabrak from the planet Iridonia and are enemies to the Mandalorians) Constant use causes psychosis. Comes in tiny black plastene packets. Injested orally.


Booster Blue- Enhances reaction time. Often used in conjunction with Thruster Head or Neutron Pixie (awareness enhancers) as a combat stimulant. Synthesized from industrial dye used in starship manufacture. Copper derivative. Injected. Withdrawal effects may include tremors, paranoia and muscle spasms.

Carsunum- Boosts mental and physical abilities and gives a sense of well -being. Withdrawal causes jitters to death. Highly Illegal.

Cyclone- Develooped by Synchet Industries on Nar Shaddaa. Possibly a stimulant. Dangerous, may cause excessive aggression. Part of the Imperial Agent class quest line.

Gunjack- oral stimulant to increase physical strength, but at the expense of fine motor skills and ability to reason.

Pyrepenol- grants user a sense of invincibility.

Red Rage- increases the imbiber’s power (force). Extended use may cause blindness. Popular among the Sith in the Great Hyperspace War.

Thruster Head- powerful stimulant. Injected. Increases mental cababilities, but also causes extreme anxiety and nausea.


Avabush- an herb grown on Baros that causes sleepiness or truthfulness. Believed lipophilic or inhaled.

Engspice- Addictive, alters the brain chemistry so that only the same type of spice would satisfy their needs. Possibly an additive to certain spices to increase addictive behavior in consumers. Medicinally likely also used to transfer addiction from one substance to another in a rehabilitation program like Methadone is used for opiates. Methadone in the right dosage can suppress the euphoric affects of other opiates.

Glitterryll- combination of Glitterstim and Ryll- same effect as Glitterstim, but also decreased the user’s memories.

Lesai- Allows the user to remain aware and forgo sleep requirements. It is a purple mold that is rubbed at the base of the throat. The stain reveals addicts, but they often hide it with make-up. Extended use is rumored to destroy empathy.

Ryll- weak spice mostly used in combination with other spices. Addictive. Mainly medicinal in value.

Sedative H4b- injected sedative. Induces unconsciousness or semisomnia.

Chemical torture

A variety of drugs can be injected to induce convulsions, reduce pain thresholds, pain enhancement, induce burning sensations, endorphin dampeners, trigger hallucinations.

Xebonica- endorphin suppressant

Mangoriza- pain enhancer, likely sensitizes the nerves

Bavo Six- visual exaggeration and paranoia. Distortion of shapes. Victim becomes afraid of everything

OV600- a truth serum. When the serum detected the symptoms of lie-telling, it caused the victim's flesh to break out in a painful rash. The serum was powerful enough to cause death in severe cases. Developed by Geneering Products.

Skirtopanol- truth serum combined with neuro-enhancer. Can be counteracted by lotiramine, but sometimes this causes amnesia or death.

Loquasin- compels the victim to talk, but not what the victim talks about. But it makes victims easier to break.

Titroxinate- potent neurotoxin

Ixetal Cilona- euphoric and mild hallucinogen. Side effects include a weakening of the user’s connection to the Force and a shortening of the user’s life span. Highly addictive. Main ingredient in Death Sticks- a popular drug manufactured on Coruscant. Derived from the Balo mushroom of the planet Balosar
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