Clan Mercea, Intra-Faction Echani Based RP Community

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Clan Mercea, Intra-Faction Echani Based RP Community

Post by Vilinde Driiquar on Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:25 am

So, while I have left the Inquisition and came blueside to you all, I have been starting up a community that can be used by people both blueside and redside, as well as accepting members to join us an enrich the community. If you wish to join, please send me a message blueside on Vilinde, or send Vilinde Driiquar a message on our website.

Feel free to contact us! We can provide RP services (Mercenary/Bodyguard work.), crafts, or if given a general desire, we can attempt to find you an appropriate item.

Clan Mercea's website URL is and I hope to hear from some folks soon!
Vilinde Driiquar
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