The Story of Winx'Jinx Part I

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The Story of Winx'Jinx Part I Empty The Story of Winx'Jinx Part I

Post by Winx'Jinx on Sun Aug 11, 2013 7:16 am

Martha Jinx was a kindhearted woman! The people around her felt at ease by her presence! In return for her kindness, people were kind to her too!

Martha had a way of always being there for her friends and family! Being there in a way that brought comfort to those who felt comfortable in sharing with her there deepest most fears and secrets!  If there was a problem that someone had in the once good neighborhood of Nikto Sector before the Swoop gangs took over, Martha Jinx was the one they all turned to!

Despite her kindness, Martha was alone with her feelings! She had never fell in love! Since she was a little girl, she always felt she should wait for that one "True Love" to find her! In a galaxy so big, she never gave up hope that one day, her true love would find her! Sadly, that day never came! Instead, a dark and haunting nightmare came to be, and she was forever changed!

It was late one night, and Martha was coming home from Shopping! She had just got off the Transport a few blocks from her house and only made it a single block before her worst nightmare came true!

Above her head, she heard the sound of broken glass shatter and the street got pitch dark! She knew that something was thrown at the streetlight to cause the glass to break! Before she new it, she was on the ground! Three, maybe four men even grabbed her and through her to the ground, holding her with such might, she couldn't imagine to break loose! Despite the strength of the men, she kicked and screamed, but her efforts fell empty! There was nothing she could do against the power of these men! The only thing she could realize was that these men were wearing some kind of hardened armor! Similar to the soldiers she would see throughout the districts of Nar Shaddaa!

As Martha began to tire, the men through a black bag over her head, and dragged into a vehicle! Martha felt it take off at great speed! She feared the worse! She was being taken to her death, or perhaps worse!

It seemed like an eternity to Martha before they arrived at her destination! Her hands were tied now behind her back, as well her feet tied together with little room to move them apart! She was dragged to a room that was cold and dark! She could hear the rodents on the floor, and something worse screaming in agony in the room just next to hers!

For days, Martha sat in that room with no food! Only water was provided for her! Everyday, men would come into the room and beat her! Throw her around the room like she was nothing! But they never did anything else!

There was one day however that Martha would never forget! It was the day she felt such fear, that the entire duration of this event could not compare to the fear she felt when "He" walked in!

She knew it as soon as the door opened! She felt it in her heart! She knew that the most evil being as entered and his attention was focused on Her!

"What do you want?" was all Martha could manage to say! Her throat parched from thirst and her voice weak from hunger! The statement came out as barely a whisper!

Without hearing the evil mans footsteps, Martha Felt his breath upon her face through the bag! She wanted to cry, but her hunger did not allow her to form tears! Instead she simply gave out a low whimper of fear!

"The light inside you is strong Ms. Jinx!" "Very Strong!" "I have not felt the presence of such a strong light in many a decade!" "Not since my first, Kill!" The mans voice was strong! Scratchy but with an immense feeling of hatred running through each sound he made! At the word "Kill", Martha tried to let out a scream, but the man grabbed her by the mouth and forced her head against the wall!

"Do you fear Death Ms. Jinx?" "DO YOU FEAR ME?" "Its time your light was extinguished!" "Its time for your kindness and goodwill towards others to die!" "Its time for the Dark to emerge"!

At that last sentence, Martha felt the cold hand of death pulse through every ounce of her body! She felt the fear deep in her blood! She felt herself rise above the ground, arms spread out and the fear pulse through her veins! Every ounce of her body was in agony! She felt the pain evenly distributed throughout her body! And then, nothing! Total blackness! Blacker than any midnight as ever been throughout the galaxy! She feared the worst! Martha Jinx thought she was dead!

It was three days before she woke up in her own bed! The images of the Nightmare still etched in her memory! She lunged up trying to scream, but the sound only came out as one trying to gasp for their last breath of fresh air!  Her hands lunged up like claws! They were grabbed however by a soft gentle grasp! Hands so soft she knew instantly that they were attached by a woman of such purity and light, that the fear instantly subsided, and peace ran through her body!

"Lie still, Martha!" Its over now!" "The nightmare is gone!" "Its time for you to sleep peacefully, and a peaceful sleep it will be!"

For nine full months Martha slept in an induced sleep! All her nutrients were fed to her through tubes, and when she finally awoke, she felt the most at peace she had ever been in her entire life!


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