The Story of Winx'Jinx Part II

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The Story of Winx'Jinx Part II Empty The Story of Winx'Jinx Part II

Post by Winx'Jinx on Sun Aug 11, 2013 7:54 am

Martha Jinx awoke in a state of total relaxation and clarity! She knew all that had happened to her on that dark night months earlier! Yet, she was calm! The nightmare did not haunt her at all!

She opened her eyes fully, allowing the sunlight from the window to bring form to everything in the room she was in! It was a hospital! Standing at the foot of her bed was a soft, kind faced woman! When the woman spoke to Martha, a calmness floated over the room like a soft spring mist on a cool morning!

"Let me start out by saying how truly sorry I am for putting you in that state for such a long time!" "You have been asleep for nine full months Ms Jinx!" "If you knew exactly what had occurred, you would not blame me for this!" "But that explanation will come later!" "You have a child!" "A little girl born of The Force!" "Even now as an infant, The Force flows through this child stronger than i have ever felt in a being in a very long time!"

Martha just starred! She could not believe the things this woman was saying to her! After everything that she had been through, this was unbelievably difficult to absorb!

Finally Martha spoke! "Who are you?" she asked.

"My name is Jedi Master Satele Shan!" "I am here because this child has been born of The Living Force through you!" It is a phenomenon we in the Jedi Order could not possibly fathom to foresee happening!" Yet here it is!" A true child of The Force!"

"I don't.....I don't believe it!" said Martha. "May I see this child!"

"Of course you can!" said Satele Shan. "I will have you brought out to you as soon as possible!"

Only minutes had gone by before a nurse entered the room carrying an infant child! Instantly, Martha's motherly instincts arose and she knew, by the pure will of goodness and love, that she was holding her child!

"Winx!" "Hello my precious little Winx!" "That what i am to call you!" "I am your Mommy little Winx!" "And i am going to love you forever!"

The goodness and love inside the heart of Martha Jinx had not been extinguished! It glowed brighter than it ever had before at the sight of her daughter! And this goodness! This strength of light was passed on to Winx and grew even more powerful than the light and the goodness of her mother!

Martha and Winx were quickly moved to Coruscant! The lived in an upscale apartment very close to the Senate Building where they could be closely watched over by the Jedi! The Jedi knew that a power so immense lived inside of Winx, and they were determined train her in the ways of The Force when she would come of age!

Winx grew up very happy running around the Senate Building as a child! She became very popular and very loved amongst Coruscants elite groups! Senators, ambassadors, Kings, Queens, Princesses and Princes all loved and adored Winx! But all this love could not stop the inevitable dark day that came on Winx' fifth birthday!

It was a cold, rainy night on Courscant! The wind blew hard against the windows of the apartment where Winx and her mother lived for five happy years!

At the stroke of midnight on Winx's fifth birthday, the wind blew with such a force that all the glass from the windows was shattered and the wind blew like a tornado through out the place!

Winx was scared but she did not cry! She did not let out one shed of fear! It was as if she knew that it was the fear that was causing this to happen and if she could resist, it would go away!

Then, a voice came over the air! A voice that was familiar to Martha! She ran to Winx and picked her up in her arms, and ran to the far wall!

"Give me the child, and no harm will come to you!" "Do this, or suffer the wrath of the Dark Side"!

"NEVER!" screamed Martha! "I remember you!" "Its all clear to me now!" "Its always been clear!" "You will not take this child!" "She has my goodness, my light inside her!" "You passed nothing on to her!"

An image of a man formed out of the swirling wind, but his face could not be made out!

Just then the door to the apartment flew open, and Jedi Master Satele Shan flew through to face the mist, her lightsaber in hand and ignited!


The evil voice responded with the echo of cackling lightning surrounding his voice!"

"THE CHILD WILL BE MINE OR ALL OF YOU SHALL DIE!" said the voice of the Dark Lord!

Swirls of Blue Lightning flew from the wind cloud, covering the apartment in an evil dark blue glow! Moving as fast she can, Lightsaber in hand, Satele Shan flew at the lightning, absorbing its power with her blade! With all her might, she flew the lightning back at the wind and watched its blue glow become absorbed by the evil cloud!


And just as fast as it came, the wind was gone!

But it had not gone without causing its damage!

The body of Martha Jinx lay unmoving! Holding her child in her arms, Martha Jinx was dead!

Satele Shan closed the eyes of Martha and turned to pick up Winx! She was amazed at how calm Winx was!

A calmness was shining through Winx as if she had just woken up from a dream! There was no fear or anger or suffering upon her face! This Amazed the Jedi!

"Look at you Winx!" "So brave, so true, so mindful of your feelings!" "A powerful Jedi you will be!"

With that, Satele Shan took Winx to Tython where the Jedi Temple was, and handed her over to Master Tauro'Vizla! It was then that her training began!


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