The Story of Winx'Jinx Part III

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The Story of Winx'Jinx Part III Empty The Story of Winx'Jinx Part III

Post by Winx'Jinx on Sun Aug 11, 2013 8:05 am

For years, Winx studied under the very close instruction of Jedi Master Tauro'Vizla! Tauro could not believe the power Winx possessed! Her thoughts were always mindful of The Force! Her ability to wield it could not be compared!

The two, Master and Padawan, were dispatched on many missions all over the galaxy! Winx proved to be a very valuable asset to figuring out ways to solve the problem without resorting to violence! However, when the time came to use her lightsaber, she was unmatched in skill compared to her Jedi Master!

On her 16th birthday, Master Tauro'Vizla and his Padawan Winx'Jinx, were dispatched right there on Tython to investigate the uprising of the Flesh Raiders! The two fought side by side uncovering the mystery of how the flesh raiders came to be force users! It was during a heroic battle between a Dark Lord and the two Jedi broke out, and the Master was slain! Remembering her training, Winx called upon The Keep her mind clear and her thoughts pure! With great skill, Winx slayed her opponent, and rushed to the aid of her master!
Master Tauro'Vizla's final words were pronouncing Winx a full Jedi Knight! Her skills were complete! She fashioned her own lightsaber by gathering the materials necessary!

As she stood before the Jedi Council, and reported the happenings on Tython and the death of her master, the Council voted that Winx'Jinx was now officially a Jedi Knight!


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