Upcoming Storyline: Death and Maiming Galore!

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Upcoming Storyline: Death and Maiming Galore! Empty Upcoming Storyline: Death and Maiming Galore!

Post by Two-Delta on Fri Aug 16, 2013 8:07 pm

Hey everyone,

So, due to the recent IC and OOC drama, we're planning to launch a major RP storyline for our unit in the next few weeks. It'll be extended over a longer period of time and we wanted to raise the stakes a little bit.

To do that, we're looking for people that are up for the possibility of their characters being killed off, permanently. If that's too gruesome or you've put in way too much time and effort into developing your character to let them die, are you willing to have them be seriously injured? How about suffering minor injuries? If you want them to stay invincible, that's fine as well.

Remember, if you respond yes to any of these, that doesn't mean you will for sure be killed, maimed, etc. However, it does mean it is possible. If your character is killed, it will be permanent. We may consider the possibility of providing you with a name change from the Cartel Market so you won't be out on your progress, but that won't be guaranteed.

To keep your preferences all straight, I made up a form on Google Docs that is linked to a spreadsheet. Just answer these multiple choice questions and we'll have your preferences and honor them:


If you'd like to see who answered what, here is the spreadsheet where the data is stored:


As you can see, all my alts are up on the potential chopping block. Don't feel pressured into agreeing to these, but it will add to the fun as we go forward with this storyline. Do what you feel comfortable with and I think this storyline will be really exciting!

Thanks everyone,


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