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Post by Zekko on Sun May 26, 2013 11:28 pm

Homeworld: Tatooine
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Height: 1.82 M
Weight: 70.4 Kg
Age: 30
Primary Objective: Supply the Republic.
Secondary Objective: Cause havoc among the Empire and its allies.

Life with the Jawas:
Zekko cannot remember anything past being brought to the Jawas. They told him that his family had been murdered by Mandalorians
and they had found him alone and abandoned on the sand plains of Tatooine. All Zekko can remember of his infancy is his first name, Zekko. The Jawas taught him everything he knew, how to fight, and how to trade. At the age of 16, Zekko yearned for adventure and was sick of the desert, so he made goodbyes to his Jawa family, who he'd grown to care and love. Then with a starship stolen from the Imperials, Zekko set off for Nar Shaddaa.

Riches in the Underworld:
Zekko soon discovered that smuggling goods was a very profitable, and not to mention exciting, job. He went from world to world with his jobs, and made many enemies along the way. Now Zekko has over a million credits with that number rising quickly.

Death of the Jawas:
One day on a job on Alderaan, he got a holocall from the leader of his old Jawa tribe. They were being attacked! As the call came an end Zekko watched as the leader was shot down. Replacing his face was a mandalorian, who looked at Zekko and laughed as he closed the channel. Zekko stopped what was doing, and traveled to Tatooine (Where he still had a bounty on his head for stealing the ship.) After trouble with bounty hunters and smugglers, even a sith, he finally found the corpses of his tribe. He burned their bodies in fear of Mandos or Sand people defacing the bodies. (Zekko is kind of a hypocrite.)

Life in Theta Company:
<Not enough information available>

42 crimes on record, including thievery, spic... ##*+=\___}#%~\~#< No crimes on record for this person. {,*\¥\~£?1~|{

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