Operation: Mandelorian Invasion

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Operation: Mandelorian Invasion Empty Operation: Mandelorian Invasion

Post by Vortodney on Wed Aug 21, 2013 4:57 pm

Operation: Mandelorian Invasion

Team Leader: Recruit Vortodney

Strike team: Recruit Schutzen

Debriefing: Flight Officer Pehn informed the team of a republic warship stolen by Mandelorians and under further threat of a potential Imperial strike team take-over.  The ships name was further found out to be the Alluris, and reports said the ship had newly improved armoring and features made by the republic.  The two-person strike team was sent to infiltrate the ship and bring it back to republic control.

Mission: Upon infiltrating the ship, Vort and Schutzen used the strength of their damaging attacks, Vort providing ranged force attacks while Schutzen used his heavy cannon fire, to quickly break thru the first line of Mandelorian warriors, with Vort supplying off-healing a few times when Schutzen was struggling from the attacks of the bigger Mandelorian leader and accompanying beasts.  Vort found an elevator shortcut to slice, allowing the two to prevent needless conflict and get to the leaders quicker.  At one point, they encountered the four-person Imperial strike team, attempting to steal the republic ship for their own use, but with Schutzen and Vort targeting the two Sith of the imperials first, and Vort helping Schutzen once with a major heal, they easily eliminated the Imperial threat and focused on the rest of the Mandelorians on board.  One final Mandelorian leader was found at the bridge of the ship, but with Vort attracting the turret fire that the leader activated and taking them out while Schutzen was focusing on the leader, with Vort only having to resort to one major heal to Schutzen during the conflict, the Mandelorians were eliminated, and the bridge was secure.  Schutzen took control of the ship with Vort overlooking and safely brought it back into republic space.


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