Operation: The Runaway

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Operation: The Runaway Empty Operation: The Runaway

Post by Ki'mae on Tue Aug 06, 2013 6:01 pm

Operation: The Runaway

Team Leader: Sergeant Gabriel Thorne and Sadie'rae

Strike Team: Private Alexsis, Private Vaweld, Corporal Ki’mae, and Private Raistlin

Debriefing: As the strike team was being debriefed, a loud explosion was heard near by and the body of recruit Serena’tae was found. After analyzing the body a holorecording of the event was found revealing that she had been killed by Sevrickk. As the body was being cleaned up, Corporal Sadie’rae arrived with detailed information about the runaway’s location and more information regarding the situation with Czerka data.

The Mission: Sadie commanded the mission from the Aegis with Gabriel leading the group to base on Ord Mantell. When the strike team arrived on planet, they were ordered to kill any workers and personnel around and in the base. If Sevrickk was found, he was to be brought back alive.

As the team arrived to the base, recruit Alexsis was able to slice and block and the computer data basis blocking all incoming Imperial comm chatter. Private Vaweld set up demolition charges while the rest of the team cleared the building. The prisoner was located in a room in the building by himself and armed. Gabriel, Ki’mae, and Raistilin confronted him and Sadie was brought up on holo. As the runaway was about to be captured, he pulled a knife out on Gabriel and slashed his right eye incapacitating him. In what seemed to be a surge of anger, Ki’mae quickly grabbed Sevricck and cut off one of his arm (there was dialogue between that sequence of events… but it is quite hard for me to write this report as is…). Alexsis and Vaweld had joined the group by then and Alexsis had helped Gabriel as much as she could before sedating the runaway. The team made it make to the Aegis, while blowing up the base in the process. Nothing remains at those coordinates.

The aftermath: As the team came back, the prisoner was taken into custody for questioning and Ki’mae may have cut off his other arm (I swear that little…. Nevermind). Gabriel’s eye has been replaced with a new cybernetic one. Sadie’rae received a promotion for her excellent work on the mission.

-Reported by Corporal Ki’mae Oya


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