Operation Pesticide (Hammer Group)

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Operation Pesticide (Hammer Group) Empty Operation Pesticide (Hammer Group)

Post by dragono193 on Thu May 16, 2013 8:54 pm

Operation Pesticide
Team Leader: Cmdr. Two-delta (Ground ops carried out by Cpt. Montaran and Sgt. Sodilia)
Team members:
--Pvt. Dozzif
--Pvt. Macmillian
--Pvt. Camina
--F/O Pehn (air support)

Operation report: After planetfall, squad met up and cleared the path to the Locust's downed cruiser. No trouble, especially with aerial bombardment from F/O Pehn. Enemies discovered to posess air support in the form of "Uglies," starfighters cobbled together from parts of other starfighters. After Goliath squad performed a breach-and-clear of the Locust's ship, F/O Pehn was shot down and subsequently rescued. After medical treatment from Pvt. Dozzif, he was able to carry on. After F/O Pehn was officially able to carry on, squad deployed to recover Republic encryption codes from the flight computer of the downed Talon starfighter. Squad was still combing the wreckage when Goliath Squad transmitted that the Locust was not in the target area. For the sake of time, Hammer group detonated the high-yield warheads in the proton torps carried by Pehn's starfighter, effectively incinerating every aspect of the wreckage. It is still unknown, however, if the computer was recovered by Imperial forces. Squad redeployed to Olaris, and op terminated.


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